Small groups are a great chance to read the bible together in smaller groups than CU central. The aim of small group is to grow closer to God, and eachother, through his word in order to reach our flatmates with the brilliant news of Jesus.

The different small groups are:

Redlands & Northcourt // St George’s JCR // 19:30
Benyon, Sherfield, St Patrick’s, Northcourt, St George’s and Wantage

Park //88 Cardigan Road 5G1 GQW // 19:30
Childs, Dunsden Cresecent, Greenow & McCombie, Mackinder, Stenton and Stenton Townhouses

Widges // Wessex JCR // 19:30
Wessex and Bridges

If you are not in Halls of residence, you are more than welcome at any small group. Feel free to come along to any group that is closest to you or drop Nicole an email to get involved.