If you are joining us in September 2018, then welcome!

We are really excited to meet you.

Here are some steps you may find helpful when looking to get involved with RUCU:

  1. Join our Freshers Facebook group (If you don’t have facebook, don’t worry! Drop our Co-Presidents or Secretary an email and we can meet, chat and answer any questions you may have)
  2. Sign up for a Fresher’s meal and buddy by liking or commenting  Emma Noss’ Facebook post or drop her an email
  3. Read through our churches menu and join us for church search starting Sunday 23rd September
  4. See our events page for Freshers fortnight details
  5. Look out for RUCU move in members who will be wearing CU jumpers the weekend you move into Halls of residence

We also go along to UCCF’s South East Big Weekend Away  from 26th-28th October which is a great chance to get to know other members of RUCU.