Leah Shepherd


Hi I’m Leah, a History and Philosophy student who loves anything FUN. I’m a big fan of Jesus and sharing His goodness on campus and am so privileged to be able to help others do this through my role on Committee. As the Co-President I work with Bethany to do a lot of behind the scenes stuff as well as looking after members of the CU and working with local churches. I would LOVE to meet you and chat more about what the CU does, so if you have any questions, or just like coffee dates then please contact me


Bethany Cooper


Hello, I’m Bethany (some call me B Coops) a final year Primary Education student from Hertfordshire. A few things I love are: singing, sweet things and socialising. Here at CU we love sharing the good news of Jesus with people on campus. If you are new, just looking to find out more or have any questions, please drop me an email – I’d love to grab a coffee or invite you over for a fantastic hot chocolate!


Abigail Knight Thumbnail

Abigail Knight


Hi, my name is Abigail and I study Geography. I’m also a fan of music, baking, camping, and my duvet! If you have any queries about CU, please do get in touch – I will happily answer your questions or point you to someone else who can!



Jack Gillan


Hi, I’m Jack, a Mathematics with Computer Science student from Winchester! As well as maths and computers, I’m a big fan of most sports (currently loving football and it’s American counterpart) and music. On committee, it’s my job as treasurer to fund-raise for the CU and make sure that we have the ability to pay for all of the events we want to put on to help us spread Jesus on campus. If you want to contribute to us financially to help us put these events on then email me!


Holly Findlay Thumbnail

Holly Findlay

International Coordinator

Hello! I’m Holly, a (5ft 2 ½) psychology student from sunny Wales. If you are new to the UK, the RUCU would love to welcome you to Reading or answer your questions. While you are here, we would also like to invite you to Small World Café; a free event we host every Friday where international students can relax, get to know British students, and have the opportunity to hear about Jesus.
Email me if you would like to find out more or get involved.


Joe Pavey Thumbnail

Joe Pavey

Worship Coordinator

Hi I’m Joe! I’m a boy from Bristol, I love Jesus, as well as music, bikes and English Language. Here at Reading CU I coordinate worship, so I organise rotas for musicians in weekly meetings, lead the worship team and generally pretend to know whats going on in the music side of things! I’m passionate about seeing people connected to Jesus through worship, and try to facilitate an environment where we can meet and spend time with Him!
If you’d like to know more about worship in general, what it looks like at CU, how you can get involved, or anything else music related, I’d love to chat! Get in touch by sending me an email.


Nicole Hitchcock Thumbnail

Nicole Hitchcock

Small Group Coordinator

Hello! I’m Nicole! I love Jesus, History and the sea! (Especially the seaside of Britain’s Ocean City) I’m bad at directions, and you’ll usually find me talking, laughing or eating. As part of the CU, I help to run Small Groups! Small Groups run every Monday and Tuesday, and give you the chance to study the Bible and hear more about Jesus in an intimate setting! Small groups are welcome to everyone, whether you are a First Year, or a Post-Grad, we would LOVE to have you as part of our community!
Email me if you would like to hear more about Small Group and I can put you in touch with our wonderful leaders!

Emma Noss

Prayer Coordinator

Hi, I’m Emma and I study Geography and Economics. As part of my role I take care of the prayer and welfare within CU – whether that’s cooking up porridge in prayer breakfast or meeting up with fella’s, I’m in awe of the power and importance of prayer. If you’re new to Reading and would love a friendly face, or fancy a prayer buddy (sorry for the cringe) chuck me an email! Really looking forward to meeting you!


Becca Shaw

Follow-Up Coordinator

Hey! ????????I’m Becca and I’m a psychology (with placement) student! I love meeting new people, having real conversations, and getting to know people’s stories, and this is part of my role on committee. My team and I host a follow-up course for students who don’t know Jesus, and want to know more. The course is super welcoming, includes a FREE two-course meal, allows for conversation about the big questions in life, and is a really great way to meet new people. As Christians we were all, one way or another, given the chance to ask questions, read the Bible, and eventually know Jesus, and we want to offer the same thing to all students here at university!
Please email me if you would like to know more about the follow-up course or have any other questions, I’d love to chat!

Hannah Cottington

Events Coordinator

Hello there ????????

I’m Hannah and I study art and psychology. Han is my name and events is my game. In my role as well as working alongside thousands of Fairylights, I help organise events that the CU put on throughout the year! If you have any questions about any of the CU Events and why we run them, please feel free to holla me an email!


Claire Dent

UCCF Staff Worker

Hello to you! I’m Claire and one of your Staff Workers for the next few years. I work with a charity called UCCF which supports Christian Unions across the UK, encouraging and equipping them to live and speak for Jesus on campus. I live in Guildford and also work with the CU’s at the University of Surrey and UCA Farnham. I studied Ancient History here at Reading and loved getting stuck in with CU life! I’m a big fan of a herbal tea, having people over for dinner and drawing funny birthday cards. Hope you love coming to be a part of RUCU!