International Students

Small World Café, 7pm, HumSS G25

Small World Café is a weekly event especially for international students (home students also welcome!). It;s a friendly and relaxed opportunity for us to meet other students and have some fun together!

Food and drink is normally involved. We also have an optional Bible discussion for anyone who is interested, where we talk about the Bible and explore what it means for us toyda.

We also organise exciting trips out, which have previously included trips to Bath, Windsor, Cardiff, and more!

Join the Small World Café Facebook group today! For more information, visit the Small World Café website.

“I love to come to Small World Café. This is the activity I must go every Friday. I can meet lots of nice people. They couldn’t more friendly! At the same time, I can learn different cultures from all over the world by different topics every week.” – Isabell, student from China

“Small World Café brings together people from all corners of the world. Everyone is here with the same aim to make new friends and learn about each other’s backgrounds. Thank you small world café for making us feel so included in this new community, which truly helped our transition into a new environment in Reading.” – Isolde Tsukabayashi and Victor Lau, students from Hong Kong

”Small World Café is so useful because I have a chance to talk with friends from many countries. I also have a chance to practise my speaking skill with native speaker. Furthermore, there are many activities. They are so fun!!!” – Yao, student from Thailand

”I like Small World Café at Reading University, because it has made me more confident. Additionally, I have met new friends from different countries and cultures. Thanks for all members for this opportunity.”– Mohammed, student from Iraq

”As any human who likes to communicate with others and have friends, this is sole motive for me to join the Small World Café. Indeed, with other purposes, such as learning about different cultures and traditions.” – Malik, student from Oman

“I love Small World Café because it is a wonderful meeting place for people from different nations and cultures, where friendships are formed and experiences exchanged.” – Cecilia, student from Germany