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John Sperling – Chairman (email him!)

Hello chiefs! My name is John and I am the Chairman of CU. I’m excited to serve!! I’m also fond of rugby, playing the guitar and eating peanut butter chicken (it’s a cracking combo – please don’t judge).

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Beth Marsden – Chairwoman (email her!)

Hi, I’m Beth, I’m a Speech and Language Therapy student and I’m Chairwoman on Committee this year. This involves working with the other committee members to lead the CU in sharing the gospel on campus… but I was also promised a free chair which I still haven’t got?! I love travelling to random countries, reading, and drinking ‘coffee’ (although I much prefer hot chocolate). Feel free to message me if you have any questions and I would love to meet you over any form of hot drink!

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Laura Stone – Secretary (email her!)

Hi, my name is Laura and I study History. I am the Secretary, so lots of emails and organisation! In my spare time I am a Brownies leader and I love to read and to bake!

Ellie Hutchinson ThumbnailEllie Hutchinson – Treasurer (email her!)

Hi I’m Ellie. I’m studying Primary Education and I am the treasurer for the CU. As well as collecting receipts, I do a lot of painting and musicy things and I really really love the sea. God is so good and I’m excited to be a part of His plan for Reading Uni this year.

Naomi Foster ThumbnailNaomi Foster – International Coordinator (email her!)

Hi, I’m Naomi and I study Biological Sciences. I am the International Coordinator for RUCU, so if you are new to the UK I’d love to meet you, or answer your questions. As a Christian Union we want people from every background and culture to hear about Jesus. We have an event every Friday called Small World Café where international students can come and relax, meet British students, and have the opportunity to find out about Christianity in a way that is easy to understand!

Email me if you would like to find out more or get involved 😊

Tom Mousley ThumbnailTom Mousley – Small Group Coordinator (email him!)

Hello hi and amen, I’m Tom. I study Building Surveying, and my role in CU is small group coordinator. I take delight in sporty stuff and musics and all things outdoorsy. Chopping wood is fun, and so is sitting in the sun. That rhymes. Small groups are a great way to get to know God and each other better in a safe, fun and relaxed environment. Getting to know God is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever tried to do, he is absolutely good. There are four small groups, each for a different set of halls (Park, Northcourt, Wessex & Bridges and Wantage & St. George’s), and if you don’t live in halls you are still very welcome! Please let me know if you are interested and want to know more, I am always happy to chat. Over and out.

Julia Howarth ThumbnailJulia Howarth – Prayer Coordinator (email her!)

Hello everyone, I’m Julia. I’m heading up prayer this year.. still not really sure what that means but I’m pumped. I love chatting to God and eating meals meant for 6+ people. Rather than shoving waffle in your essays, shove waffles in your gob at prayer breakfast. Can’t wait to meet you!

Miriam John ThumbnailMiriam John – Follow-Up Coordinator (email her!)

Hi my name is Miriam John. I study Speech and Language Therapy and and i am the Follow-Up Coordinator for CU! This basically means that I run all follow up to our events; for example, putting on courses for people who want to know more about Christianity, running small study groups etc. Other than that, I like travelling and eating food!

Charis Entwistle ThumbnailCharis Entwistle – Link-In Coordinator (email her!)

Hi CU stalker/vaguely interested fresher, I’m Charis Entwistle (sounds pretentious, I know). My role on the CU is to care for all the people who decide to become Christians at university, be that in training people in the CU in the basics of discipline new believers, but also helping them get stuck into Church and loving life with Jesus. I’m also a big fan of bacon, maple syrup, and pancakes (the underrated trinity of breakfast foods).

Sophie O'Rourke ThumbnailSophie O’Rourke – Events Coordinator (email her!)

SUPPPPPPPpp I’m Sophie. Soph boi. O’Rourke. The machine. The one and only. I’m heading up events this year – it’s quite eventful. As a CU our mission is to give everyone on campus a chance to hear the amazing news of Jesus. One way we do this is by putting on events! It’s fair to say I’m pretty pumped to see God’s kingdom come this year on campus. Get ready to taste and see. If you wanna get involved holla at me. Cool, peace out.

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Peter Harris – UCCF Staff Worker (email him!)

Peter is the UCCF staff worker for the University of Reading, University of Surrey in Guildford and The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham in the South East Region.

Peter studied music at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff for 4 years, where he first got involved with the work of his local Christian union. It was here that his faith was sharpened and his eyes opened to the unique opportunity CUs have on campus.

After graduating, Peter got involved in student politics; elected as Students’ Union president at the Royal Welsh for two years and is the Chair of the national umbrella group; Conservatoire’s UK Student Network, which represents the top 18 arts institutions in the UK.

When Peter is not working with students, he enjoys freelance work as a musician, reading books by Tim Keller, discovering new artists and supporting Wales in Rugby.